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Who has an extra chord in his heart

Do not be alarmed! Everyone should have a chord in their hearts. The only question is its quality. A normal chord in the heart is a fibrous tissue resembling a muscle that connects the opposite walls of the left ventricle of the heart. The extra chord in the heart is an anomaly in the structure of the human body: it has atypical attachment to the walls of the ventricle.

Until now, experts have been arguing about how much harm it does to human health. Many of them claim that it does not perform any functions in the human body and, accordingly, does not require any treatment. However, it is recommended that you visit a cardiologist regularly. After all, in any case, it creates a heart murmur that may interfere with hearing other heart complications.

What are the chords and why are they formed?

Chords can be different in their location. They are divided into several types.

1. Chords can be located in different chambers of the heart: left ventricular (their majority – about 95% of all chords); right ventricular (there are only about 5% of them).

2. Different parts of the ventricles: apical; middle ones; basal.

3. The direction of the chords can also be different: diagonal; longitudinal;


4. The number of chords is different:

– multiple (their number is about 38%);

– single (there are about 62% of them).

There can be only one reason for this heart defect – this is heredity, and only on the maternal side. Most often, the mother herself does not even suspect that she has this “muscle”.

Do chords have symptoms?

The extra chord in the heart of a child almost does not manifest itself in ordinary life. It can only be recognized by ultrasound when the doctor hears heart murmurs. In children, chords are found much more often than in adults. Experts attribute this to the fact that the volume of the heart increases with age and the chords gradually shift. Usually, the presence of an extra chord in the heart is detected by the fact that the child’s endurance decreases and he quickly gets tired with great physical exertion.

Only detailed computer diagnostics will determine if a person has an extra chord in the heart.

Chords to treat or not to treat?

Many experts argue that a false chord of the heart is not at all dangerous to humans. However, there may be several of them, which means that they will entail serious violations of the heart rhythm, problems with tolerance to physical activity will be observed.

Therefore, classes in dancing, gymnastics and physical education should be limited. With such a diagnosis, they will not be taken into the army. Swimming underwater and parachuting are contraindicated. With professional sports it is better not to risk it.

Therapeutic gymnastics in the presence of excess chord in the heart can be carried out both in specially formed medical groups, and individually. Firstly, such classes are aimed at improving health in general, and secondly, they develop endurance and coordination of movements, which is just not enough for patients with this disease.

An abnormal chord of the heart, indeed, is not treated with conventional drugs. You just need to constantly remember the daily routine and good nutrition. Most experts do not consider the chord a deviation from the norm.

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