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Migraine changes its character

Women are initially more prone to headaches. They are 3-4 times more likely than men to suffer from it. According to experts, female migraine changes its character – now attacks become easier and shorter, but they happen much more often. Why it happens? How do approaches to treatment change in this connection? These questions are for MedPulse. ru meets professor MGMU them. THEM. Sechenova, neurologist Tatyana Voznesenskaya.

– Women are lucky: now migraine is easier to carry?

– A moot point. Women are initially more prone to headaches. For example, they are 3-4 times more likely than men to suffer from daily headaches, including transformed chronic migraines. This is the official name of the new variety of this disease.

Although the attacks of the “new” chronic migraine really became easier. But, unfortunately, migraine in its new status has not acquired a very pleasant shade – it has become a more frequent guest.

– Does she bother every day?

“Not really.” When doctors talk about daily headaches, they mean not only the episodes that happen every day. This concept is somewhat broader – all those cases when painful sensations occur more than 15 times a month are considered a daily headache. This is a lot.

Moreover, new migraines are often combined with other types of headaches. It turns out a kind of mixed.

– What about typical signs of migraine, in particular the rejection of bright light, loud sounds? Do they have a new migraine?

– One cannot say for sure, it happens in different ways. This migraine as well as ordinary, each manifests itself in its own way. One has photophobia, the other does not. The third one has both, and even nausea with vomiting.

– But what about ordinary migraine? She is not dating now?

– Traditional migraine does not lose ground. It is found as often as before. Just in some cases, it develops into a transformed, in other words, chronic daily. That is why when talking with a doctor you need to talk about former episodes of migraine. This will facilitate the task and help the doctor quickly deal with the situation.

– Why does common migraine get different?

– There are several reasons. Any pain, including headache, becomes chronic with frequent stress. This has been proven for a long time.

I think it’s not worth talking a lot about the fact that our life is almost one continuous stress. This is clear and true. Another thing is important here – unfortunately, not everyone can cope with their stresses. Hence the majority of chronic diseases.

And one more important point. The cause of daily migraine is often medication that people take for a headache.

– How can it be?

– Many people prefer to treat migraines on their own. Especially if such attacks are not uncommon in this family. For example, a mom or grandmother suffered from migraines. And when the girl has a headache, they say to her: lie down, take analgin, drink hot tea, and everything will pass. First, one tablet is used, then two, three, six. As a result, the girl swallows a handful of drugs, and her head still hurts.

The explanation is simple. Painkillers, in particular analgesics, are not the drugs that should be used for migraines. They are powerless against those mechanisms in the brain that are involved in migraines. They only slightly reduce the perception of pain. And with frequent use, they can provoke the onset of the next attack and cause interictal headaches.

It turns out a paradox – taking pills for a headache, we also cause it with the same pills.

– How then to cope with the attacks of daily migraine?

– Treatment of migraine, including its new variety, is carried out in two directions. The first is to relieve pain and block the attack. The second is the prevention of new episodes.

Let’s start with the bouts. First of all, you need to abandon those drugs that people are used to and which, as is now clear, provoke new attacks. Instead, you need to pick up others. For example, in some cases combined analgesics are good. Or created specifically for the treatment of migraine attacks – triptans. They act purposefully on those mechanisms of the nervous system that are actually “guilty” of the onset of migraine.

But there is one trick. These drugs are very “demanding”, they “work” only with a certain regimen. They should be drunk immediately when the pain appears and you are sure that this is your migraine attack. If the pain is already in full swing, they help less. Take them in advance, when there is no attack, it makes no sense.

It is also necessary to adhere to the dosage, time and duration of treatment recommended by the doctor. Only in this case can we count on a positive result. Up to full control of migraine.

Of course, it is impossible to cure her. In some cases, it passes by itself, but after menopause. Until this age, getting rid of it is completely unrealistic.

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