Senile ailments attack young
More and more so-called diseases of aging humanity today are found in young patients. Almost in first place in terms of “rejuvenation rates” are osteochondrosis of the spine, cholelithiasis, varicose…

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Why do you still need to go to the doctors?
Diseases that cause us discomfort at the age of sixty actually begin around the age of forty. Closer to this age it is worth making a rule to regularly visit…

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How to distinguish fake from counterfeit?
The Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation (Roszdravnadzor) announced a number of rules that will help distinguish a fake medicine from a real…

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Why do you still need to go to the doctors?

Diseases that cause us discomfort at the age of sixty actually begin around the age of forty. Closer to this age it is worth making a rule to regularly visit doctors: prophylactically, in order to know where to “lay straws”. True, you have to stock up on patience and time. Yes, and money, too.

Let’s start with a therapist

At any age once a year. This is the first doctor you will come to, he will make your personal list of doctors who need to visit. After forty years, it would be good to undergo daily ECG monitoring (Holter) once every three years, especially with complaints of discomfort in the heart, dizziness. The therapist will also send you for fluorography, which must be done at any age once a year for early detection of tuberculosis and lung tumors. Tuberculosis, contrary to the myth that only homeless people are sick today, actually loves young, able-bodied and active people.

Specialist Comment

Associate Professor, Department of Faculty Therapy No. 1, Faculty of Medicine, First Moscow State Medical University Sechenova Anton Rodionov:

– The therapist will measure the pressure, listen to the heart rate and, if necessary, prescribe an ECG. For those who have at least once increased pressure to 140/90 mm RT. Art., my advice – tell the doctor about it. More than half of hypertensive patients do not feel the symptoms of their illness and do not know that they live with an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. If you are prescribed antihypertensive drugs, take them constantly, it is important to prevent damage to blood vessels by an imperceptible high pressure.

Immediately after our 30th birthday, we gather spirit and heal all our teeth. It’s expensive, unpleasant, but a good false jaw or implants are even more expensive. Once a year, you need to go for professional cleaning to prevent plaque from transforming into tartar.

Take care of your gums; after forty years, periodontal disease is as common a cause of tooth loss as tooth decay. You can buy the simplest irrigator and massage your gums every day with a powerful jet of water to improve blood circulation.

By the age of forty, there is an age of risk for breast cancer. Now this disease is not a sentence, it is being treated, the main thing is that malignant changes should be detected in the early stages. After 30-35 years, make it a rule to visit a mammologist once a year and a half, especially if your mother, grandmother, or sister had breast cancer. The doctor will send for an ultrasound of the mammary glands or a mammogram. They go for examination from the 5th to the 10th day, counting from the first day of menstruation: the density of the gland in this period is the smallest and the result will be more accurate.

If you are not yet forty years old, it is enough to go to the doctor once to get a referral for a blood test from a vein to the level of TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone of the pituitary gland). If TSH is normal (from 0.4 mU / l to 4.0 mU / l), then the thyroid gland is in order.

After forty years, a blood test from a vein to the level of the pituitary hormone TSH should become regular. According to the WHO standard, it is recommended to do it once every five years (for example, at 40, 45 and 50 years). This analysis is especially important for those people who have direct relatives with thyroid diseases, and women, because, for example, hypothyroidism in men is 8 times less common than in women.

After 35 years, at least once a year. In addition to the examination, the gynecologist must do a Pap test or cytology of the cervix – a study of the structure of its cells. This is not to miss out on cervical cancer at a stage when it usually proceeds without symptoms.

After 45 years, once a year, WHO recommends donating blood to the level of the CA-125 tumor marker. Elevated levels of CA-125 are not necessarily associated with oncology. This tumor marker speaks only about the presence and quantity of a special substance in the blood that is produced, including in case of myoma, cyst, endometriosis.

Closer to the age of 45, many women complain of irregular menstruation. To be sure that this is an approximation of menopause, and not something else, the gynecologist will prescribe you a blood test for the level of FSH – follicle-stimulating hormone. A high level will indicate the onset of menopause. Your doctor may suggest hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The solution is good, but first you need to undergo a full examination to be sure that HRT is acceptable to you.

After 50 years, another problem for women is osteoporosis. WHO recommends that, with the onset of menopause, studies of bone mineral density. Then you will repeat them every 5 years or according to the individual recommendation of a doctor. This will allow you to start the preventive medication on time, including calcium (at least 1000 mg per day for men and women 40-50 years old), vitamin D. Otherwise, you will experience a decrease in growth, bone pain, bad teeth and hair.

After 45 years, women and men once every two years, even with good health. At this time, they equally often for the first time encounter hyperactivity of the bladder (in 16% of people) and urinary incontinence. Conditions are successfully treated, but first it is advisable to make sure that they are not associated with infections.

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