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Medicines from the group “You can’t drive!”

Medicines from the group
How often is the cause of road crashes taking any medication? We have no statistics. However, German researchers at the Traffic Safety Council say drugs are the cause of every fourth to fifth accident. According to the United States, one in ten American offenders crashed shortly after taking a certain drug.

So what medicines should not be taken if you are going to drive? Therapist Leonid Zaitsev advises.

– Foreign doctors are increasingly offering managers of pharmaceutical concerns to put noticeable characteristic symbols on pharmaceutical packaging. They should remind drivers of the undesirable effects of using drugs while driving.

– Which of the drugs are most dangerous for the driver?

– The most numerous and “risky” group of drugs are those that affect the speed of reactions and coordination of movements. The insidiousness of these pills is that the consequences of their evening intake can occur only the next morning. The most noticeable effect on the psyche is provided by the so-called psychotropic drugs. First of all, they include sleeping pills – imovan, ivadal, donormil, phenobarbital. Tranquilizers are definitely dangerous – tazepam, nozepam, phenazepam, orehotel, relanium, elenium, seduxen, nitrazepam, sibazon, valium. These drugs, on the one hand, reduce fear, anxiety, tension, and on the other hand, slow down the speed of reactions and often have a hypnotic effect.

For most other psychotropic drugs, sleeping pills are not the main thing. However, they can change the psyche and behavior. Therefore, the person taking them can be unpredictable. Tegretol, finlepsin, chlorpromazine, sonapax, tizerzin, neuleptil, eglonil, triftazin very much change the speed of mental reactions.

Some antidepressants, especially amitriptyline and imipramine, are very dangerous for drivers. New drugs of this group – Prozac, Paxil, Coaxil and the like – have less effect on coordination. But when using them while driving, you must be careful. Antiallergic drugs of the so-called old generation – diphenhydramine, suprastin, tavegil, pipipolfen can affect the nervous system. Many of them have sleeping pills. They significantly reduce the ability to concentrate and cause a slowdown in the reaction. In addition, these medicines may cause a feeling of tiredness and lethargy. It is dangerous on the road.

Some pain medications act on the brain, in particular tramal, tramadol, ketorol, ketans, pentalgin, sedalgin, solpaflex, solpadein. Vision loses sharpness from certain drugs used in the practice of eye doctors. For example, when using atropine.

OTC drugs that people buy on the advice of a friend or pharmacist can also have an unpredictable effect on reaction speed. Alas, not everyone reads the instructions that came with the drug. The consequences of this heedlessness can be the saddest.

Far from harmless means are medicines with codeine, a soothing cough, which for a year now can be purchased only with prescriptions. According to medical statistics, about 10 percent of people using them become less attentive and get tired faster. Their reaction slows down. Codeine is found in codterpin, codelac, and many complex medicines for treating colds and coughs. So for drivers, it is preferable for home-known treatment methods known to everyone – honey, chamomile, thyme, pharmacy breast collection.

– Which of the non-prescription drugs are most dangerous while driving?

– Unlike potent drugs, which are taken on prescription, advertised drugs are mistakenly considered completely harmless.

It is dangerous to drive even after taking some cold medicine. These include, for example, Coldrex Night, Teraflu, Fairvex, Nurofen Plus. These drugs contain antiallergic and other drowsiness-causing additives.

Drivers should not take some diarrhea medications – imodium and loperamide. These drugs sometimes inhibit the nervous system. A similar effect has drugs containing metoclopramide, raglan, and cerucal, often used in gastroenterology to reduce nausea. Motilium, which is close to metoclopramide, does not inhibit the speed of the reaction.

– Is it possible to identify the “most dangerous” drugs for the driver?

– From the huge list of drugs, the use of which is associated with an increased risk for drivers, it makes no sense to highlight “especially dangerous”. Anyone can cause problems on the road.

By the way, keep in mind that not all medicines available in pharmacies are certified as medicines. Sometimes medicines are sold under the guise of “food additives.” So they are easier and cheaper to bring to the market. It is impossible to poison them, since all biologically active additives have a safety certificate. However, a complete study of dietary supplements is not carried out.

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