Is homosexuality a congenital disease?
Genuine interest in science is manifested in relation to those features of human behavior that, from the point of view of public morality or religious ethics, are considered unacceptable, harmful…

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Appendicitis: is surgery always necessary?
The word "appendicitis" we hear quite often. In childhood, parents and teachers tell us about him, doctors check us for his presence or absence. And at times, one of the…

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Why do you still need to go to the doctors?
Diseases that cause us discomfort at the age of sixty actually begin around the age of forty. Closer to this age it is worth making a rule to regularly visit…

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are a lot of factors

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Year 2013: is tuberculosis curable?

Can tuberculosis be cured in the second decade of the 21st century? What is the most common infection today? Is the prevalence of this disease increasing or decreasing? These and other questions for MedPulse are answered by TB doctor Leonid Potapov

– How is a modern Russian most often infected with tuberculosis?

– In the vast majority of cases, tuberculosis infection occurs in childhood. That is why already in the maternity hospital, on the 4-7th day after birth, infants are vaccinated against this disease. It is believed that they provide protection against tuberculosis for about seven years, so re-vaccinations are given to children at 6-7, and then at 14-15 years old. Continue reading

Medicines from the group “You can’t drive!”

Medicines from the group
How often is the cause of road crashes taking any medication? We have no statistics. However, German researchers at the Traffic Safety Council say drugs are the cause of every fourth to fifth accident. According to the United States, one in ten American offenders crashed shortly after taking a certain drug.

So what medicines should not be taken if you are going to drive? Therapist Leonid Zaitsev advises.

– Foreign doctors are increasingly offering managers of pharmaceutical concerns to put noticeable characteristic symbols on pharmaceutical packaging. They should remind drivers of the undesirable effects of using drugs while driving.

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And the stronger sex has menopause

For a long time, experts decided – to be or not to be a “male menopause.” After all, if we draw an analogy with female menopause, then in women it is directly related to the cessation of the function of childbearing. And reproductive function in men most often persists until old age. However, andropause does exist.

Slow decline

Andropause is associated with a decrease in the body’s level of male hormones androgens, and especially testosterone. If he is normal – no problem! In the opposite case, erection and sperm maturation are impaired. Following sexual dysfunctions, muscle mass decreases, and the amount of subcutaneous fat increases, being deposited on the abdomen, hips, buttocks. The level of cholesterol and lipids in the blood rises, the risk of developing atherosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases increases. A lack of testosterone affects memory, reaction speed, the ability to objectively assess the situation, and even mood. Continue reading

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Three analyzes important to the hero
According to surveys, men are much more careless about their health than women. The vast majority of the stronger sex (72%) does not see the point of having to worry…


We face a new type of addiction
The videoconference "Desomorphine-Free Advanced Regions. The Unique Experience of Four Subjects of the Russian Federation" connected the subjects in which prescription drugs of codeine-containing drugs have already been introduced -…


Why is cancer getting younger?
In early February, World Cancer Day is celebrated annually. Is it possible to protect oneself from this terrible disease, which categories of citizens are at risk, why the number of…


How to distinguish fake from counterfeit?
The Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation (Roszdravnadzor) announced a number of rules that will help distinguish a fake medicine from a real…