Diagnostic method

How can hair talk about health problems?
Surely, each of us thinks that the condition and appearance of the hair directly depends on the way they are treated and a number of third-party factors. With a thorough…

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How do we harm our immunity
Weakness in the whole body, fatigue, malaise, bad mood ... So I want to drink something "strengthening" and "tonic." But all these phenomena are far from always associated with a…

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Why "grapes" grew in the nose
Doctors, speaking of polypous rhinosinusitis (the disease is so correctly called), always mention a bunch of grapes. Like, polyps in the nose are very similar to her in shape. However,…

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The government wants to limit the advertising and sale of dietary supplements

The government is developing a bill to restrict the advertising of dietary supplements, which fools pensioners and forces them to buy drugs instead. So, according to opinion polls, 60% of Russians believe that “bioadditive is a medicine, or even stronger than a medicine”.

Advertising of dietary supplements (hereinafter Supplements) to food may be limited. In order to prevent the unfair dissemination of information, the Ministry of Health and Social Development has developed a bill that tightens control over the advertising of dietary supplements. This is not the first time that an activity in one way or another related to the sale of supplements that are not identifiable as a medicine or food product, the nutritional properties of which, in fact, have not been proven, is being tried to limit, reports INTERFAX. Continue reading

What are the temperature jumps talking about?

A slightly elevated temperature, which does not decrease at all, and from time to time jumps – how to relate to it? How to treat and whether to do it at all? And is it worth it to cancel walks on weekends, skis, skates, and other winter joys every time?

Where did you jump?

We all know that normal body temperature is 36.6 ° C. In fact, this indicator in the same person changes in different periods of life.

For example, a thermometer gives various numbers for a month, even with full health. This is typical mainly for girls. Their body temperature usually rises slightly during ovulation and normalizes with the onset of menstruation. Continue reading

Three analyzes important to the hero

According to surveys, men are much more careless about their health than women. The vast majority of the stronger sex (72%) does not see the point of having to worry in advance and undergo screening examinations – at least the three most important for men. Let’s see what kind of tests are these?

This test for blood testosterone, an ultrasound examination of the scrotum, as well as a PSA test – the same blood test that can detect prostate cancer in the early stages. The survey data give a complete picture of the state of the organs that are most important for men and their functions.

Testosterone Analysis

The production of male sex hormone testosterone is a constant value, unlike female sex hormones. By a certain age, testosterone levels begin to decline. This decrease can last from one month to several years, and with it the man’s well-being will worsen, as well as his character. Continue reading

Dog scent is used as a diagnostic method.

The slightest smell, for example, peanuts for some allergy sufferers, is enough to cause a life-threatening reaction in them. Who can sense danger first? Naturally, our four-legged friends. But the dog should be specially prepared for this purpose.

And it is absolutely unbelievable, but labradors at an early stage determine colon cancer much better than a laboratory blood test does. Dogs of this breed demonstrate effectiveness in more than 90% of cases.
US health officials have the following statistics: 4 out of 100 American children suffer from food allergies. In most cases, we are talking about preschool children, where this figure is much higher. The mentioned phenomenon began to develop rapidly only in recent years. Between 1997 and 2007 food allergy among Americans under the age of 18 increased by about 18 percent. Medical science is not yet in a position to unequivocally answer this question. Continue reading

Test yourself and your liver

The Russian Society for the Study of the Liver (ROPIP) together with several medical organizations launched on October 1, 2011. in Moscow, the “Test Yourself!” project, aimed at collecting and analyzing data on the frequency of liver diseases in Russia, identifying their main risk factors and drawing public attention to these problems. The survey conducted within the project will cover up to 4000 participants.

It will also help to determine the profile of a typical patient with liver diseases and the most effective treatment and prevention measures. More information about the project “Test yourself!” presented on www. testliver.ru. Researchers hope that this initiative will help reduce the incidence of liver diseases in Russia associated with alcohol consumption and unhealthy diet through educational activities, raising awareness about diseases and early diagnosis.

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